Who We Are

Last Best Supply Co is a Missoula born and raised company. It is a creative hub that creates rad product design, works with natural materials and strives to bring local artists work to beautifully Montana manufactured products.

We are a local Missoula manufacturing brand that designs new products, prints, rivets, cuts, sews and decorates a variety of high quality items in house. Our core values encompass environmentally sound practices, while giving back to our community.

Encompassing the spirit of nature, we create a wide variety of Montana and outdoor themed shirts, hoodies, hats, bags and gift items. We specialize in printing artwork onto metal, wood and fabric. We pull inspiration from nature while using top quality equipment, products, tools, and hardware, our style is innovative and our items are built to last. 

Last Best Supply Co - Retail Location

The Southgate Mall
2901 Brooks St, Suite A6
Missoula, MT 59801

Mon - Fri, 10am - 8pm
Saturday, 10am - 8pm
Sunday, 11am - 6pm

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