Lake McDonald Reflections Tote


We are happy to present this new hand sewn addition. Our Totes have been a long time in the making from idea to fruition. The Images for each bag are carefully chosen for natural geometry and color vibrance. The imaging for this bag has been specifically chosen and turned into the beautiful fabric on the deep pockets that adorn each side of this tote. Glacier Park-Lake McDonald is captures in the glass like reflections on sky on water.

Cleverly cut and sewn by our own fabulous seamstress. Heavy duty nylon belt/strap and 100% Cotton Rip Stop that is grown in the USA! The spacious inside pocket makes a handy store for market goods, picnic packings, art supplies or a day pack. While the deep side pocks keep handy the most used items such as your keys, phone and pens. 

These Tote Bags are creative, innovative wearable art. A break from the usual, This bag is great for all your activities and looks special at a festival! Light, functionable and hand made in Montana.